Affordable 3D Floor Plans

Visualise the potential of every room with a 3D floor plan. Our 3D floor plans create a complete vision for any property, including homes and businesses in London and other popular UK locations. From attracting customer attention to communicating with construction crews, a 3D floor plan makes the development process much smoother for all parties involved. 

A 3D floor plan should be part of your development process. It can serve as an excellent communication tool and be included in your marketing materials to attract customer attention. Review 3D floor plan examples from Empire Render below, and contact us with any questions you may have. Our UK team is ready to provide a free custom quote and start working on your project today.

With a 3D floor plan, you can design an overview of each room in a home or business. Potential buyers and customers in London, Greenwich, Stratford and surrounds can gain a true understanding of the potential of their home and visualise each space. Adding furniture and materials to a 3D floor plan highlights the proportions of a house, helping customers imagine themselves in the home.

3D floor plans also serve as valuable tools for developers working with various teams and crews. Once a design is finalized, you can distribute our affordable 3D floor plan to communicate the vision and goals of a project. Remove any guesswork associated with dimensions and proportions and ensure everything is done correctly the first time. You can save time communicating as well by providing a detailed 3D floor plan that includes your project requirements.


Top 3 Benefits of Getting a Professional 3D Floor Plan


There are numerous benefits in utilising 3D Floor Plans in your projects and we will work with you to ensure maximum benefit is achieved. 

The main benefits we find our clients see include:

  • Clear Vision 

3D Floor Plans allow users to view the property in a clear way, which is not only beneficial for prospective buyers, but also for those completing renovations. Having comprehensive plans that display the spatial dimensions as well as giving a feel of the space and how it can be used is a great advantage. 

  • Reduced Error 

Further, having such comprehensive plans can allow any potential errors or design flaws to be identified prior to construction starting. This additional quality control is definitely a great benefit. 

  • Cost-Effective

Additionally, it gives them the opportunity to test out different colours and textures via the floor plan rendering to determine which they like best, compared to having to spend money on samples and additional labour. 

Types of 3D Floor Plans We Offer Near You


The types of 3D floor plan we create include: 


  • For Real Estate Agents

We work with real estate agents in London and the broader UK to help them provide prospective buyers with a clear view and vision of the space. This greatly aids prospective buyers in understanding the property as a whole, compared to deciphering 2D floor plans and deceptive images.


  • For Existing Buildings

3D floor plans can help clients clearly see what an outdated home can look like after a renovation. These plans enable clients to make the most of their space by providing a comprehensive view. 

  • House Floor Plans

Our service is perfect for new builds or those looking for renovations. 3D plans offer huge improvements to buyers and the owner’s confidence in the layout and design of the home. 

  • Apartment Floor Plans

This is useful for recently built or in new developments for showcasing the range of apartments. Particularly for those where potential buyers are unable to view the apartment in person. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What is included in our 3D Floor Plan deliverable?

A 3D Floor Plan includes additional illustrations such as furniture and colours, as well as other features such as interior walls, windows, electrical appliances and sinks.   

  • How is this different from a 2D Floor Plan?

A 3D Floor Plan is much more realistic compared to 2D plans. Additionally, they also serve different purposes; 3D plans help understand the space and are more exact, whereas 2D plans are generally used to see the size of the property. 

  • What is the advantage of having a 3D Floor Plan?

Having a 3D Floor Plan, as mentioned earlier, is more exact than a 2D plan. They are also easier to interpret and give a better visualisation of the space available and feel of the property. 

  • What do I need to provide?

For us to get started, we will need your 2D floor plan (either CAD or PDF file) and any specifications of finishings or textures you would like included. Our team will work with you to ensure we have everything we need.   

  • How much do our 3D Floor Plans cost?


Our prices vary based on the size and requirements of your plan due to their custom nature. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please contact us.

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